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Introduction to ALSA

The Amtgard Leadership and Service Archive (ALSA) exists to communicate ideas about Amtgard leadership and service. The point is to record lessons learned, communicate ideas across the game and share information, techniques and best practices.

Our plan is to do this by publishing articles on topics related to leadership and service, and build an archive that will be easily accessible to all Amtgardians.

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It's been almost half a year now and we have had some great contributions. We have our first interview up and it's a real good one. We will be looking to interview other Amtgarders who understand leadership and service to see if we can get some guidance. If you have someone you really think we need to interview then just send an e-mail to

Additionally, we have added seven articles which mostly focus on running small groups. We hope to add more multi-group articles in the future. (01/30/06)

Ask A Question

We welcome questions related to leadership and service in Amtgard. To ask a question or suggest an idea for an article, please send an email to us at

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