Amtgard Leadership and Service Archive

About Us

ALSA Mission

The Amtgard Leadership and Service Archive (ALSA) exists to communicate ideas about Amtgard leadership and service. The point is to record lessons learned, communicate ideas across the game and share information, techniques and best practices.

Our plan is to do this by publishing articles on topics related to leadership and service, and build an archive that will be easily accessible to all Amtgardians.

ALSA was created in response to several discussions about how we could help each other learn how to lead our club better. The most public were the jokes about Crown Knight Boot Camp. In reality there would be value in getting many of Amtgard’s best leaders together to talk and teach but that isn’t necessarily practical. Fortunately, the kind of information that we can communicate relating to leading and serving our club is relatively easy to communicate via the written word.

The final genesis of this particular project came from the trip that Moogie and I (Michael) took to Salt War III. Eight hours each way in a car gives a lot of time for brainstorming. From there we begged articles from experts in various areas of Amtgard leadership and service and started putting together this resource.

Who Are We?

Michael Hammer of God – Michael has been a leader from his earliest time in the game. He was the co-founder and the first king of the Celestial Kingdom. He admits he didn’t know much and was a relatively poor leader then. He served another term as King of the CK where he was instrumental in founding the Spring War event. In fact, he was co-autocrat for Spring War II, as well which ensured that a single good event became an Amtgard institution. He moved to the IM where he has twice served as Emperor and once as Imperial Prince. He was also the chairman of the Iron Mountain’s corpora Committee.

Moogie Morrigan – Moogie’s introduction to service came early in her Amtgard experience, as she was called upon to assist her sister Squeak! in founding Eagleshire as a new park in the Emerald Hills and in helping Squeak! and other Monarchs of EH with service, planning, and organizing projects. Later, she found herself in a leadership position while trying to organize resources to encourage women fighters in Amtgard, which resulted in the creation of House Morrigan and then House Lionesse, eventually becoming a far greater project than she ever dreamed. She was co-autocrat for Banner Wars V, and is a knight of the Flame.